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Browse below for local resources of all types, ranging from local arts & culture to school information, flood maps and more. Don’t forget to check out the Key West Insider Guide. 

Key West Schools

Arts and Culture

Key West has an illustrious history of attracting creative souls allured by its lush, tropical beauty. The quirky and fun people who currently call Key West home were perhaps also inspired by the former presence of Ernest Hemingway and Tennessee Williams who were among the most famous literary figures living on the island in the 20th century, but only two among many great talents of yesterday and today. In Key West, one now finds an eclectic mix of galleries, museums, theatre productions and arts festivals as well as an unmatched culinary scene for pre and post art events! Below, you will find links to some of our most notable cultural resources.

TSKW, The Heart and Soul of Our Arts Community


This photo is of Key West’s first electric generating plant. It came on line, and shortly thereafter Thomas Edison was doing what he was doing in New York City. Below are choices for utility companies with links.

Key West’s History of Electrical Generation
Cable Internet/TV/Phone Options:
Propane Options:
*We know these contractors and vendors to be reputable from our past experience; this does not constitute any guarantees, warranties, or promises on our part for their future products or services.

Gingerbread Biographies

Now that you have settled into your wonderful new home, let local historian, artist and long-time Key West resident, Sharon Wells, create your house history! Her new art venture is called Gingerbread Biographies.

Each Biography pulls together Wells’ expertise in history, archival research, art and architectural photography. Each individual commission, is exclusively compiled for the Homeowner. Combining historic & contemporary photographs, deeds, wills, maps and plats, genealogy, with archival research focused on one individual Historic House, Each Gingerbread Biography represents over 100 hours of work.

Each is presented, signed and framed, as a unique Montage Print. Call Sharon for a quote 305-923-5133 or email her: sharonwells1@yahoo.com or view her Facebook Page.

Dynamic FEMA Flood Maps

San Carlos Institute

The FEMA website has a dynamic map whereby you simply type in a full address and press enter. This will help you to determine in what flood zone a property sits. It will not however help with determining flood insurance premiums. The premiums depend upon the elevation of the house at its lowest level and this requires an elevation certificate. Below is a list of surveyors who can provide the service for obtaining an elevation certificate. If an elevation certificate has been issued in the past on the property and it is available, there is no need to conduct another one. Provide your insurance agent with an elevation certificate in order to obtain the insurance premiums.

Reese & White Land Surveying
Island Surveying, Inc.
*We know these contractors and vendors to be reputable from our past experience; this does not constitute any guarantees, warranties, or promises on our part for their future products or services.

Key West Insider Guide

“If I arrived in the Keys out of the blue…

I wouldn’t know where to eat. Certain restaurants are famous, but how’s the food? Where are the hidden, local gems, and new places, and best spots for basics, like breakfast? What places aren’t tourist traps? People ask me, “Where do YOU eat?” and this guide is my answer. Consult it for the local specialties (fish sandwiches, peel-n-eat shrimp, conch fritters, Key lime pie), most romantic tables, and best view.

Read why some places are worth a visit for the quirky charm they serve, a side dish to the cooking. Who knows why certain restaurants endear themselves to us? Each member of this guide proves some of the reasons why, and is a place that could only be right here in the Keys. Each offers an authentic experience that represents to me the very reason for travel. Make each meal count! Please tell your server, host or reservation-taker you read about it here. We’re all curious to see if you’re as glad to have this guide as we are!”

Margit Bisztray

Buy or Sell Real Estate Anywhere

Key West couple looking for a place in Barcelona, Spain.
Where in the world are you?

Not only do we offer real estate assistance to you in Key West, but we also assist you right where you are whether that is across town, across the nation or around the world. Allow us to make the introduction! Through our professional networks, you can be assured of connecting with the best and brightest agents in your market.

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